The conception BIRD SHOW EXOTA OLOMOUC is known around the world more than 30 years. The Exhibition is organized every two years and by the extent belongs between the biggest show this kind in the Europe. The number of the exposed birds is about 4000. The occupation and total configuration of the exhibition is on the high end what was showed in 1980 when was organized The world championship C.O.M (International ornithological organization) which hasn´t organized until now in Central and Eastern Europe.

The participation is 15 000 – 20 000 visitors. The visitou aren´t only from Czech republic. The are also from Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, etc. The show supports the top authorities of the town, region but also the state.

EXOTA OLOMOUC is organized in the exhibition ground FLORA OLOMOUC in the hall A, B, E, G and in the palmhouse. Except the presentation of the exotic birds breeding has the show also companion program – exposition of the child´s drawings, competitions, meeting, ... In the organizing committee „works“ many of the young breeders, who has the special exposition.

The high spot of the show is the hall A, where is situated the large exposition of the parrots every continents, which has about 150 species and subspecies.

The hall B is specified for so-called sports part of the show. Here are presented different sorts of the birds (canary-birds, budgerigars, zebra finches, ...) which are than assessed according to intended norm by reviewers. The champions get cockades and medals.

The E pavilion will occupy Kennel Club World Pheasant Association Czech Republic and Slovakia (WPA CZ-SK). The clubs exposition attract a big attention everytime. Ducks romb in the artificial constructed small lakes and there are also assorted kinds of swans and gooses. The components of the exhibition are also collection of the exotic pigeons and unique collection of the tropical pheasants.

The special hall is than the palmhouse there are assorted kinds of small exotic birds in almost habitat.

The component of the show is option to buy assorted kinds of feed, complements and even the birds. Also here are presenting different clubs and schools, which have something in common with the animals. Visit of the international show exotic birds EXOTA OLOMOUC is always a big experience. We hope that this year EXOTA OLOMOUC 2011 grip you by wide novel and unique collection of the exposed birds.